Razmeni - Platform for online exchange for parents

Hi friends,

Been working on this more then a year, started from 0 and no coding or Bubble knowledge, but due to very good community with a lot of questions answered on forum, and great youtube tutorials, I managed to figure out everything on my own and create an web app - platform, that is mobile and tablet responsive.

Please check, your feedback is greatly appreciated: www.razmeni.rs

I’m mainly concerned about the speed and performance if you have any suggestions, with design I’m quite satisfied for MVP.
Please note that the language is my local - Serbian, so you maybe will not understand everything…

Thank you for great knowledge bubblers, I keep on growing it from here…

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Looks awesome! Great job on the design :slight_smile:

Thanks mate a lot, design was done in Figma and imported, and then tweaked a lot.


its gonna cost you ton of money with the new pricing :))) You need to optimise a lot

Thanks for the feedback - can you expand on it a bit more?

Do you see any particular issue with it - performance or design wise?