RE Menu (EnvVariables Plugin of BDK) within a Repeating Group

Greetings Bubble community!

I am recently doing something and it has frustrated me :triumph: because I don’t know how to do it, I hope you can help me.

I try to make a menu with a reusable element and a focus group to use within a repeating group, all good so far, the problem is when I try to make the options in that menu work for a specific row I don’t know how to do it.

These are the menu options:

Delete: This button displays a Popup before deleting.
Edit: This button shows a Popup to edit.
View: This button shows a Custom State where a group is shown that contains all the information of the project.
Assign: This button displays a Popup to choose the members of the team.

I’m using the BDK plugin to make this easier :grin: but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

I share some images so you can see what happens.


Right now, I thank you for your help and for your time :clap:t2:

Another thing do not judge me for my bad English :crazy_face:

I got stuck here as well when I first started with the env variable. First thing to check: Is your env variable name exactly the same in both places?

Yes sure, they have the same

RE Config:

My main page (app):

I might be wrong, but i think the element names must be the same.

You mean the item titles?

EnvVariable RE OptionMenu
EnvVariable app optionsMenu


And the other settings? Look in my frustration I have erased everything, and I’m from scratch

If you can help me with just one thing and understand the logic of how it works, I will be very grateful to you

If you don’t mind giving me read access to your editor that may be the best / easiest approach.

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