Re-name and download many pictures

Hi everyone,
I’m in the hurry because I need a solution ASAP. It’s very important.

I have :

  • data base where I stock my products “Lots” and their info (1 line per product with all the type of info)
  • data base where I stock the différents pictures (1 line per picture with their N° for order and description)
  • In the product data base I have a data type “Pictures” where I store the products pictures from the other data base

(You can see that I tried many ways to answer my issue)

My goal is to download each photos of every “Lots” with the name of the number of the “Lot” and the number of the picture.
Like for the Lot N°1 with 3 pictures : 1-1 , 1-2 , 1-3

Please someone has an idea or a way ?
Thanks for your time.

What have you tried already?

You can run a workflow to go through all your photos and use @AirDev 's file downloader to download and rename them.

I’ve tried many things :

  • Convert them into files to rename them
  • find a way to stock them on the app and not amazon
  • a workflow to duplicate them and rename them
    So desperate that I asked ChatGPT to find a solution or to code a JavaScript… doesn’t work or maybe I don’t understand or know something.

I’ve seen your plugin / way to do it, but it only works with single file… we are talking about over 3.000 pictures to rename and download. I can’t use it unless there is a way to repeat a single workflow over multiple data