Re-run OpenAI API Call

I’m using OpenAI API calls, but they don’t always “initiate” (meaning the API call is not made to OpenAI). For example, in the front end I have 5 separate Open AI backend workflow calls (where each backed workflow triggers 1 OpenAI call). Thus, the 5 OpenAI calls are done in parallel.

This normally works fine, but occasionally an OpenAI call is not initiated and the User has no idea the call was not initiated and I have a spinner that stops showing when the data loads… but because the call was never made, the data is never loaded.

How would you recommend I create a “re-run” results button to initiate an API call that was never run.

Please advise.

Why isn’t it running? Look through your logs and work out why and the solution will stem from that.

Ok. Related to the offending backend workflow, the error I received was “Workflow error - Could not connect to remote server”

Would I try have the re-run? That seems logical. Please advise.