Re-Send "Email Confirmation" Email

My Login Button Requires “Email Confirmation = Yes” to work.
If email has not been confirmed, I would like popup to tell user they need to “Confirm Email” before they can login the first time with included button to “resend confirmation email” if needed.

I can make the popup and the button, but is there a quick way to “Re-Send the Confirmation Email” to the user’s previously provided email address?



I’m pretty good with login and signup pages and anything in that field. Could you put the link to your website? And I can help you from there.

Hey there @divingmonk,

Are you using the default Bubble action of email confirmation or are you using your own manual system?

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I believe it is the bubble.

Thanks Johnny,

Default Bubble action email confirmation “check-box”

Excellent, thanks!

No problem!

As I understand this only aplies to the current logged user… so an Admin would not be able to ask a confirmation email to be resent to other users, correct?


No an admin would. And it is for the last user logged in on the IP or device I believe.

Hey @f11,

If you’re talking about the Send Confirmation Email setting I highlighted above, no- from what I know an admin can’t resend a confirmation email.

I personally use my own system with a simple “isVerified?” boolean field.

Yeah, same here. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi - we’ve just shipped a feature that allows you to confirm users’ emails without having to send them an email! Learn more here: Retrieve email confirmation token without sending email