Re-usable Element but need to pull different datasource each time

Hi folks,

I prepare a reusable element to reduce repetitive work, however everytime I use it, I want it pull differernt Datasource. So:

1, the look of the reusable group will look the same
2, the main function will be the same.

However, for each time , I want
1, the Datasource be different each time,
2, in the workflow, the function should be the same, but again it works on different data. . e.g. Do A Search For cannot be the same every time, sometime it search for “bird, red”, sometime it searchs for “bird, black”. They are all bird type.

What’a the proper approach here ?
Should I use Re-Usable anyway, and manually adjust each detail every time ? Can this work ?

thanks in advance,


You can set the data source of a RE the same way you would any other element…

Thank you @adamhholmes

Understand the Datasource part.

What about :

1, Custom Stats ? Can I set different CS too? The name have to be different, as one page is for red bird, another pages may be for black bird, green birds, yellow birds, etc.

2, In workflow : I need to plus item or minus item of different lists. So the expression details including lists will vary too.

These are all can be manually adjusted without messing the mechanism of Re-Usable ?

If the system reload ReUsable every time, will it bounce back to the Re’s standard configuration ?


I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to do (or exactly where you’r having trouble)

You can set custom states on a RE just the same as any other element.

Why would the custom state names need to be different though?

Is Red Bird a different datatype from Blue Bird?

Hi @adamhholmes because the re-usable will have Custom States built in, however the CS names might be all different, as it matters to the following up workflow.

For example

The CS might be : black duck quantity; yellow duck quantity; blue duck quantity, etc.

So in the Re-Usable, if I set the built-in CS black duck quantity, should I manually change them one by one during implementation ?



Are they all different datatypes? (if so, that’s very inefficient, and not the way to do things… it not, then I don’t see what the issue is?)…

It might be that you ned to create a new datatype to store the quantities (or you can create a psuedo-object using a text)…

Can you explain a bit more about what you’re actually doing (i.e. your database structure), and what you’re trying to achieve on the page?

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