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React Native Tutor - Creating Web App

I am currently using a React Native IDE (Deco) to experiment with creating native apps while utilizing Bubble as a backend and a webview. I am by no means a developer, but I do have a foundation in programming (originally learned C and built some basic programs and games, fluent with html/CSS, etc.) If anyone is interested in some consulting, I could use tutoring with following:

Immediate goal
Using React Native to create a basic login, authenticate users (i.e. storing their login info locally for future launches), and opening a webview to display my Bubble app.

Long-term goal:
Replacing all of the buttons inside of bubble with React Buttons, and using the react buttons to trigger workflows within Bubble. Essentially, only using Bubble to display data (repeating groups, etc.).

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Great goal, and I would certainly be interested in contribution. Possibly mostly from an architecture and method of implementation perspective though.

I think you should define a best practive for how to convert page by page or interaction by interaction into react native.
Also you need to store some master of all changes to your bubble app, so you can implement any changes to your mobile app.

To be honest the most perfect flow would be to find out a way to transition into a best practice progressive web app built on react. And then move that to a react native project.
For example you can use F7 or ONSEN for building a react app with some good UI basics.

Also, if you are more fond of Ionic (Angular 2) it is adapted as a Progressive web app .

Please keep us in the loop on progress, screenshots etc. Also if you want to you can make a github repo for your project, easier for others to contribute then. Make sure it`s MIT Licensed :slight_smile:

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