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Readonly public / opensource Bubble apps + Clone app

I was taking a look at this published/opensourced app from AirDev

and there are two issues arising after also reading the related discussion thread:

  1. would be nice to be able to mark a public app as readonly so that the community can benefit from it without putting the burden on you to repair the app everytime some newbee damages its code accidentally. Some public apps might still want to be non-readonly (e.g. for collaborative opensource development, although I’d prefer to be able to mark it as public+readonly and invite collaborators to work on it, plus allow others to offer to join as collaborators)
  2. would be nice to be able to clone a public (whether readonly or not) app into your own workspace and work with your private copy to adapt/extend

I understand [1] might be problematic for your subscription model, could be offered on a case-by-case basis for mature apps that people want to opensource