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Ready to Hire, Bubble Expert with Canvas Air Dev Experience

Hello and Good Day,

Ready to Hire, Bubble Expert with Canvas Air Dev Experience to build a relationship database.
User, Account, Contact, Deal tables, other tables to be added later.

Canvas Air Dev has a Template CRM.


Hello Danny5,
I hope you are doing fine this day. Have you found anyone to work for you ,if not contact me back so that we can discuss.

Hi Celeb, the bubble forum only lets me have certain number of replies per day. How I contact you can we setup a zoom meeting?

Best Regards,

Here some of the details
Looking at Bubble to build a database and Canvas Air for the CRM, Multistep Form, Progress bar for the UI

Customer completes application on website, database fields on User, contact, account and deal are populated. Customer is logged into portal where they view the progress of their application. Then upload documents. A checklist and stage field will keep track of progress.

Hello @danny5

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Hi Carlos

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Can we have a Zoom Meeting?

Best Regards,


Hi Danny!

My name is Jayce, and I have experience using both Bubble and Canvas. I also completed Airdev’s Bubble bootcamp, so I have a good grasp of how to use it. Here’s some of the apps I’ve built using Bubble and Canvas:
A gig marketplace I developed for as my final project for my bootcamp. The username is “username” and the password is “password”.

This is a simple job listing app.

A travel directory app.

And a course platform similar to Udemy.

Have a look-over them, and hopefully you like them and we can have a chat.



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