Real-time location. of the garbage collection cars in my city

Hello, I need to create an application. that can show in real time the location of the garbage car in my city. showing the routes to be collected. this is a project for the technology fair in my city

Hello how are you I need to create an application that locates the garbage car in my city in real time

Hi @guilhermesannttos09,

I don’t think anyone here on the forum will be able to sort out the functionality and process for you without having more information. You would need to plan your application build ahead and logically describe how you want it to be built.

You could meet up with a Product Manager and have it built out together if you are not familiar with the technical aspect but you should at least create a roadmap for yourself.

Some questions I would ask yourself are, but not limited to:

  1. How do you want to track the garbage cars? Is there any API accessible from your state or do you depend on the community within the application to report garbage apps?
  2. Are you looking to build a web app, mobile app, or both?
  3. Do you need to have multiple languages or just English?

Do some research on the UI/UX side, are you looking for a simple web app or do you have a specific design in mind?

Hope this helps.

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in my city, there is only one garbage car. my language is brazilian. it would be a simple app to locate the garbage car in real time for my small town

Most easiest way would be to use Leafy maps built-in tracking gps and have a tracking device inside the garbage car to track it.

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