Realign elements in group when one element gets hidden

Hi Guys!

I have a group with two squares inside (also, groups). One green and other yellow.
Both groups (green and yellow) are center aligned inside this big parent group.

So, when I set a page rule to hide the yellow element when the width of the parent group drops below a specific number, the green group became centered as expected.

The problem is in cases where I want to hide the yellow square when, as an example, the user is not logged in. This kind of rule hides the yellow square (as expected) but the green square stays in the left position, like there was still a ghost of the hidden yellow square in the right position…

This is killing me…
How can i solve this issue?

Anyone??? Is this a bug???

Try combining the rule with an AND that includes the container width of the scenario that works the way you want

Hi @cmarchan ! Thanks for the reply… :pray:

Actually, the problem is very simple but i am not seeing any solution.

I just want to hide the yellow square when the user is not logged in. Also, i want that the green square gets centered (once that the “space” taken by the yellow square is now missing). It seems that Bubble does not do such thing. The action of “recentering an object when other object gets hidden” happends only if seted in the “Responsive tab”.

Any rule aplied directly in the element (in the “UI Builder” tab) will not realign the objects…

Did you tried to replicate this problem? It is killing me…


It is likely that the hiding rule only works for the container width condition precisely because it is a responsive setting.

This is why I suggested to try a combined conditional.

hum… I don’t know, but for me, such behavior is a bug. Why hiding a group using “A” rule gets the other elements realigned and hiding the same group using a “B” rule, the other elements stays in their position.

The problem is not to combine with another rules. This will not work, as the problem is that the objects will never realign, ONLY if you use the “Hide rule” in the “Responsive” tab. Any other “hide rule” will NOT remove the group as expected.

Soooloooo frustating…

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