Really bad timing for Bubble to be down

:frowning: i’m getting site not found error

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Me too!! @emmanuel ???

We just sent out a mail chimp to 1000 customers, like 20 mins ago :slightly_frowning_face:

They are on it and tracking an incident on status.Bubble.Is

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This is one reason why I it is hard for me get customers when they test things out and get errors like this. The worst part is that it’s not my fault and there’s is nothing I can do. There goes potential clientele.

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Was about to show something to a client. Really bad timing Bubble.

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Yeah same here, proofed a site concept to a client and they got back to me saying they couldn’t access anything - oops.

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/ is dead
/version-test/ works

I have copied live database to version-test and now am at least able to VIEW data (not change because that will lead to two sources of truth :-().

Hello guys, I’m getting this at the live domain, what about you?

Unexpected error, please try again shortly. (reason: bal, code: 587347)

and at the development domain

Sorry, this page could not be found!

Live version seems to go okay, still goes off sometimes. This really does scare away clients, though.

Seems to be fixed now. Really does make you wonder about how stable Bubble is.

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I feel like the team does a good job of tracking significant issues and outages (like today’s) on, but this one was unfortunately long-lived.

(First report of this in Forum was about 4-5 hours ago and I had a UK user report unreachability issue about the same time.)

Status for this specific problem is here, BTW, for anyone unaware:

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I’d agree, usually Bubble are great, and I know its rare, but this one really hit me :slightly_frowning_face:

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Yeah, me too. Seems my app was affected the whole time.

(BTW2: For anyone unaware – you can subscribe to alerts via email, txt, webhooks (!), RSS, etc. as in the following screenshot.)

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Thanks for pointing this out. I was just on email updates but I think I will add my mobile phone number as sometimes I’m without WiFi/4G. At least this way I will expect clients calls.


just want to say, i’m not usually one to turn to the forum like this, as bubble already do a good job of being super transparent about outage status on the status site etc- was just particularly bad timing. But that’s life :man_shrugging:t2: still massively dig @emmanuel and his team for all the ace work :slightly_smiling_face::ok_hand:t3:

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Yeah sorry for the downtime, we have found what to do to avoid this next time, but this downtime was too long.


:bulb: Juste a thought:
Based on what @keith indicated, we can susbsribe to the status page via webhook (

So one could maybe create a basic landing page on another service (Carrd, Weebly, etc.) with a “Maintenance” message for example.
Then have a workflow redirect users (of the Bubble app) to that external landing page in case of Bubble being down.

edit: well actually if Bubble is totally down, such a workflow wouldn’t work I guess

just curious did this happen on dedicated servers as well? or just the shared plans?