Really happy to launch using

Hi everyone,

Happy to share and launch a really ambitious project using the Bubble no-code platform, lets your family and friends access your data only in case something happens to you.

We are launching in the next few weeks. For the moment you can signup on our website if you want to get notified when we go live.

I love feedback, so please reach out in the forum or

Thanks for listening.


Interesting concept. I totally get the value proposition and the problem you’re solving as I have dealt with this issue before where documents were in shoe boxes and all over the show.

Best of luck with the launch.

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Thanks for the feedback @SerPounce. If you’re interested to know more please signup on the homepage and we will contact you when we are ready to launch. The first few users will get FREE Access for life. We really want to have a good user base to beta test the initial launch.

Thanks again

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Sign up completed.

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I agree with @SerPounce… definitely an interesting concept. I am super intrigued about the implementation, too. I mean, what information will I have to provide in your app? How do people access my stuff only if something happens to me? And lots of other questions like those.

Signed up.


Signed up. Really curious how this will work and how it can solve many problems people face. Very interesting concept.

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Great idea!,

just wondering, how would the app know if I am “no longer around”?

Biometrics :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I can think of some really terrible ways to do it. Here’s one…

Send an email to every user every day with one question… you still around? If a user does not respond within 24 hours, turn over all of their info to their family and friends!

Just so you know, @mangooly, if you go that route, I’m out. :slight_smile:

Hi @mikeloc,

Thanks for the interest. We are building to help you store what is important for you and what you think is important for your family, friend or trusted advisor if something were to happen to you. We want to hit 4 key areas, Your Personal life, Your Home and property, Your Work and your Last wishes.

Reasons to use
When we started doing research on this topic we spoke with a lot of people that were worried about their personal things, their email addresses, how to access their MAC or Phone, What would happen to their Amazon account, Spotify, home automation apps, documents, photos, mortgage papers, life insurance, instructions on how to care for their pets, house alarm, secrets, where one keeps their safety cash, other real estate, their last wishes, the list is endless.

More and more of our generation is looking for a tool that can keep all of that info in one place, especially our digital footprint. When my father died my whole family including my self were clueless as to what was his email password, is he a member of a club, does he have an account anywhere else. Getting all that together has been tough. 10 years later and I don’t think we have everything. I’m a father now and I have 2 children and I don’t want the same happening to my wife or even children. Thats how was born.

What is a Buddy?
A Buddy is a person you trust and are prepared to give access to your data in case something happens to you. When you setup your account you can also setup a Buddy. Your Buddy has to accept your request. Normally a Buddy is someone close to you, like your partner or spouse, your children, a best friend or an attorney.

How does a Buddy request access to your data?
A Buddy must request access to your data through their account. Be assured we will NOT give them access to your data until the end of the specified ‘Unlock Time’ has been reached.

The ‘Unlock Time’ can be between 12 hrs and 3 months. You can specify the “Unlock time” when you setup a Buddy for the first time and change it as many times as you want. We will contact you via email on numerous occasions in case you need to block this request. If you do not respond by then, we will proceed to give your Buddy access to your data.

What happens after a Buddy requests access to your data?
Once your Buddy’s request is accepted they will have a period of time, specified by you to access your data. We call this the “Close account time”. After this time we will cancel your Keepsy account subscription, close your account and permanently delete your data for your peace of mind.

If you have any more questions please reach out through this forum or

Don’t forget to signup to get notified when we go live. The first few user signups will have FREE access for life.

Thanks again


Thansk @mikeloc for the proposal, don’t worry we don’t want to loose you as a future customer. I just posted a second a go. I hope that helps to answer your questions.


Awesome write-up, @mangooly… thanks so much for the insight/details.

By the way, I have been watching/helping my partner go through the process of “cleaning up” her father’s estate for the past year, and it has been an absolute nightmare. So, I can certainly see the need for an app like yours, and I hope it’s a huge success.

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Excited to see this go live, and let us know if you want to be featured on the Bubble blog (that goes for anyone here who has built an app they’d like to see promoted)!

You can reach out to me or fill out this form: if you want to be on our App of the Day series.)

Thanks @vivienne. Will definitely contact you when we progress and go live.


How do you encrypt the data?

Such a great idea @mangooly. Excited to see where this goes :slight_smile: Best of luck.

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Hi @Liam,

We use CryptoJS (AES). Keys are kept in separate servers for more security.

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I would love to be one of the first users. I have been looking for this type of service. Please contact me as soon as you are ready.
Rick Gilbert

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Thanks @jacobgershkovich. We will announce it as soon as we finish the last few parts of the project needed for the beta launch.

Hi @RickPostDoc,

Glad to hear it. Please signup on We will notify you when we go live. Thanks for the support.