Really need help on this

I am absolutely stuck on this and can’t progress on my site without this:

In my User data type (current user) I have 2 fields:
-FREE OPTION Resume Info

So the “FREE OPTION Resume Info” is a data type that consist of:

In workflow, how would I specifically change just the file field of the FREE OPTION Resume Info inside my User data type (current user)? Please help!!!

here are visuals of what I mean if this helps:

My user data type / Current User:

My “FREE OPTION Resume Info” data type:

My issue:

Like how do I just edit the file field of the “FREE OPTION Resume Info” in my User data type / Current User???

You need to make changes to a thing... where the thing is the FREE OPTION Resume instead. How to find that thing is going to be Do a search for FREE OPTION Resume where the user is the user starting the workflow.

Can you show me visually? This will still keep it to the current user session? I think I tried this before but maybe I did it wrong I guess?

So this is how I was doing it:
“Resume Info [Free]” is “FREE OPTIONS Resume Info”, I just renamed it.

When I try this it just doesn’t work / display anything.

I can’t seem to get the Do a search for way to work? How did you do it?

This is a good way to do it! OK, so the file uploader is not working? What happens when you use the debugger? Can you see the file uploaded to it? If yes, I would check the privacy options just in case.

When I try to display the URL nothing appears after uploading a file. But when I do something similar but not in a type, it displays fine.

here is the debug step-by-step:

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