Really Struggling!

I’m really struggling with the creation of my web app and just need to vent. I’m starting to think the functionality is beyond what bubble is capable of :confused:

I thought the same thing, I asked my brother who played with it before me and I learned it was very possible. When neither one of us don’t know the answer, I come here. I suggest striping down all functionality to your app except one core function. Want a app like Instagram, simply start with a app where you can post pictures, then make them display, then make profiles for them, the hashtags and a search function and before you know it you have an app. What is your core function?

Why just vent if you can use the awesome Bubble community for help with your project. I highly doubt your project is too complex for Bubble…

Also, happy new year and happy Bubbling in 2018!


Thanks for the encouraging words guys. I’m pretty sure I figured out a main part of the functionality. I still have some things to figure out. I’ll keep forging forward.

Happy New Year!


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