Realtime Compass - Now Available!


Realtime Compass now available!

This Compass actually uses your devices compass so make sure your on your phone or tablet to view it. Its super smooth and really responsive. Its not just a tool though. Consider changing the compass image for a customized look, hide it and use the bearings to move or rotate other elements, trigger actions or conditions based on a users heading or even use it to display a pointer when a user is heading towards your business for something different.

To see the features and view a quick demo head over to


Hi Jared, is your plugin still working?

I’ve tried the demo as well as installing it myself. No luck getting it to work.

I’m trying to do as you mention above - point the user to a specific business (I have specific coordinates.) Someone on the Zeroqode forum says that I just have to place the compass element on my page and viola…

I’m using Safari.

@allenstarnes I see you attempted something similar too. Did you figure it out?