Realtime counting the number of characters

When counting the number of characters, it will not be counted unless the focus is removed from the input form. I was in trouble with this, so I created a plugin (charged) that counts the number of characters in real time. Please use it when you have a problem.




Awesome - thanks for sharing :slight_smile: I have this problem but more so with input validation (as you say, you need to click out the input in order for the content to validate.)

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As you said, input validation is done when you are out of focus. This has a negative impact on the user experience. I can’t think of a good solution, but I’ll reply if I find one.

theCountable is a plugin that does pretty much the same thing as this one by @ZeroqodeSupport

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Johnny, even if you know a similar plugin, you shouldn’t say it here. My plug-in won’t sell. But that’s useful information. I wish I knew it early :joy:

I used theCountable plugin previously and encountered some serious bugs - almost got my app into trouble as users were bypassing the character limit.

I approached @pon.mikan10 and he very kindly helped me extend his plugin functionality with exact what I needed.

He’s super responsive. His plugin is light-weight and works perfectly well. Definitely 100% recommend his plugin:



The plugin does not really do the job, it doesn’t respond instantly to the real number of characters when you start typing. I precise that I need it to work inside a Repeating group.
I managed to get the input ID dynamically (since my input is inside a RG) but there is still some bugs and not instant results.

On the other hand, the Zeroqode plugin is working in a repeating group but there is also one bug : when you have 0 characters in your input, the plugin doesn’t display “0” and you need to stop focusing the input so that it finally displays something in real-time (after that it’s ok).

But whether I use your plugin or Zeroqode inside a RG it’s not working for my goal…

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We are sorry to hear that it is not working.
In order to investigate the cause, we would like to know two things
Is it possible for you to send us a capture or other information?

(1) Is the Reatime Char Counter set to the same Repeating Group?
(2) Are the ID Attriute settings for the plug-in and input form unified? (For Repeating Group, IDs must also be set to a variable and separate for each item.

Reatime Char Counter

Input form

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Hi @pon.mikan10 ,

With your screenshot, I managed to get it working !

Thanks, wonderful

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Hi, @antoinememe87
Glad to hear the problem was resolved successfully.