Realtime User Data not working

So I’ve pinpointed this issue to the User datatype…

Adding any other type of thing, either via a workflow, or directly in the App Data tab of the editor, Realtime data is working as expected.

For for the User Datatype it’s not.

Add a new User, either via a workflow or directly in the editor, and it won’t appear on a list of users on a page (aside from the page it was created on).

It doesn’t even appear in the data tab of the editor without a refresh of the editor.

Strangely, the issue only applies to adding new users, not deleting them (i.e. deleting a User shows up in real time, in both the data tab on on pages).

This issue is easily reproducible, so I’ll be submitting a bug report to Bubble, but thought I’d mention it here in case others have come across it.


How about updating any of the user fields? Does it still work?

Yeah, updating fields for existing users is reflected in realtime…


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