Rearranging Data from JSON API response

I retrieve a list of transactions from an API. automatically stores the information contained in the json as a list of block numbers from transactions 1 and 2, timestamps from transactions 1 and 2 etc. I want to store it in a different way. I want to have a list of transactions that contains a type “transaction”. The type transaction has other variables in it like block number, timestamp, etc. These are not lists, but are single variables.

To clarify:

What I get:
Block Number (list)
Date (list)
Address from (list)

What I want:
Transaction 1: contains block number of transaction 1, date of transaction 1, …
Transaction 2: contains block number of transaction 2, date of transaction 2, …
All of these transactions stored in a list.

Grateful for any help

You can create a backend workflow that takes a lis of Block Number, a list of Dates, and a list of Addresses. Then the first action would be create a new thing (transaction) block number = block number list:first item, date = date list:first item, address = address list:first item. Then second action would be Schedule api workflow and choose the same one but this time you will say Block number list equals block number list minus item block number list:first item and so on for each list. Make sure there is a conditional on action 2 to only run of block number list count is greater than 1.

Thank you very much!