Reasonable Alternatives to Bubble

Can anybody share some complex pages that was build with any of mentioned tools? Kanban board, tables, etc

I would like to add as an alternative! :slight_smile: It is open source and self-hostable for free.


Give a look at It has real time, it’s GDPR compliant and looks quite easy to use.

Oh wow, this looks pretty cool, have you tried the tool? How is it compared to Bubble in terms of learning curve, usability, capabilities?

I would recommend caspio

hi everyone, quit ya bitchin’. None of these other platforms can do everything bubble does. Bubble is not perfect, but it’s still the best that’s out there for the price and flexibility.


@gnelson Not for the price (anymore). :stuck_out_tongue:. The broken trust and insecurity are a big factor here.


What do you mean by broken trust ? Security?

this is for database functions (functions that are executed directly by the database).
They also have backend functions that you call with rest api, they are coded in javascript.


Has any body tried Microsoft Power apps? What are your opinions?

My app’s complexity is in the backend, since it is a chatbot. So I’m thinking using Powerapps + Xano for backend.

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Nobody’s “bitchin” any more, we’re either staying or we’re going. I agree, Bubble is fantastic, I still love it and it’s a shame that I feel the need to look elsewhere. But when your business and livelihood depends on a platform with complete vendor lock-in, trust is the key thing. I didn’t even think about vendor lock-in before. But when that trust is rocked, and I can’t see how it couldn’t have been rocked which how things were handled, then for me complete vendor lock-in is no longer acceptable.

I also thought that nothing could rival Bubble until 10 days ago, however there are incredible tools out there and let’s just say that they more than give Bubble a run for their money and, crucially, don’t lock you in. I’m looking seriously at Noodl which is incredible (why do they all have such terrible names?!)

Everybody’s got to do what’s best for them, I totally get why you’d want to stay, it’s not been an easy decision to make to look at something else, but I don’t think any of us should be criticising other’s decisions on what is best for them individually.


For those who are looking for an enterprise level visual development tool that generates high quality code.

I came across with

Generates react native code for front and Django for backend.

Haven’t test it yet but it seems pretty interesting.

Cons: Is relatively new and might be expensive for experimenting (if you need more than the basic features in the free plan).

This is probably for those who are already making money with their apps and want to get a high quality code and infrastructure (allegedly).

They just raised 40m.


Really? Really. Really?

Even $500/mo seems reasonable for what’s on the plan. will be curious to test it out


In the past I have coded lots of things and I’m not afraid of code, but we opted for bubble to get away from most of that.

But given how we have had the shakeup of our lives this last ten days, we thought it prudent to be able to assess whether or not a code-based, but manageable solution, is out there.

So I’ve spent a week researching how we would make all the elements we need to have our current level of web functionality, but delivered off a no code platform. I have now got something working on amazon cloud on the free tier which contains pretty much everything

You can spin up a database very easily, bubble uses, and half the internet uses, postgressql.
If you take time to configure an administrative console for that like the quasi-official admin console pgadmin, then you have a GUI front end for your database.

We have now experimented with nodered. This is a workflow engine. You build a flow, step by step, from creating an endpoint you can hit with data, to checking and validating it, executing queries on your database. You can hit other workflows with each workflow. This is as good, as far as I can see, at achieving the same things you can do as the bubble backend workflows tab. It has a visual builder. But it’s not in any way no-code. not really, it’s definitely more complex, but you can achieve a lot.

There is a very comprehensive full-service REST API called Postgrest which you can sit on top of your database which you can reach using your website code.

Webflow is huge, trusted, and is a very good front-end page builder like the bubble front of page designer.

And you’ll need a series of javascripts to hook your webflow site to your backend API but those on the surface of it, are not that hard to do from what we can see.

the good thing about all this is that at time of writing this, I have successfully configured all of this on AWS free tier, which means you could definitely spin it up, configure it, learn some new tools, and go back to code, with no real amount of compromise on what you can deliver, just how.

All of the above needs way more tech knowledge than Bubble does, but it IS a reasonable alternative.


Hey @richard10

Really interesting what you exposed. What do you think about Bubble switch to a MERN stack? It looks super powerful but tricky though.


It looks powerful and is definitely a good stack to be a developer in. But it looks like the answer to the question “I have a green field site and I want to start from nothing and learn a good stack to build it in. What is a good stack?”

In my analysis I wanted to analyse what Bubble really gives us, really which is

  • Front end page developer, which I equated to Webflow, plus a load of custom Javascript
  • on-page workflow developer, which I split between Webflow and nodered
  • API for the actual data in the website itself , which is fulfilled by Postgrest
  • backend workflow developer, which I equated to nodered
  • database itself, which I, like Bubble, also used Postgres
  • Database querying and managing, which I equated to PGAdmin

I took an approach that would mean I could comprehend how I would migrate my Bubble site to the new ecosystem, everything has a one-to-one equivalent in the new way of working.

So what techies and code I’d need to help me?

I’d need to know SQL. For sure.
I’d need to understand Mustache notation (which allows you to describe where in a block of JSON to get the thing you need to know a value of).
I’d need to understand enough about HTML and CSS to be able to fit out my Webflow pages with the right ID codes and properties to make things visible, clickable, etc
I’d need to buy in probably, a really good all rounder to help me set up the security so I don’t trip over some basic things and build something unsafe
I’d need to buy in or take a crash course in Apache so that I didn’t bungle anything security wise on the web server
And I’d need a new and unhealthily close relationship with Chat GPT to help me fit out my Webflow website with the Javascripts I need to do all the interactions with the REST API, or a techie to build those for me in a series of things I could learn how to copy.

And my budget would be whatever my bubble fees have gone up by a month (which is about $1000), times by a dozen, and then I get my money back in a year.

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Nice one. Detailed.

Thanks @richard10

Just found this awesome tool that I’ll be looking in to:

If you’re looing for Flutter there’s also FlutterFlow that is pretty popular it seems