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I am currently in the process of making a website for my clothing company.

After checkout I would like my email to display the items that the user brought and the quantity (E.g x3 White Tee Size: L, x1 Black Tee Size: M). However it seems more or less impossible as when I try to do such thing I cant figure out how it is done. I will provide a few screen shots below if you can help me!

For your clothing company, you should check out the plug-in Printful With Design Maker. I’ve got another plug-in coming out soon, that will take care of your above problem and be able to cancel sendgrid. Let’s stay in touch.


Unfortunately this has nothing to do with sendgrid - I need assistance with displaying what the user has bought including the size and quantity in a text format as mentioned above.

I’m not specifically talking about sendgrid but a plug-in I have has an action that will automatically include this data in a nice HTML formatted email from your very own google mail account with no pay as you go pricing or recurring charges.

Sorry but i’m not looking into adding new plug-ins to my app.

Right on man.

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@doug.burden failed #ad :laughing:

@tristansutcliffe81 Right now under the key item it seems like you are showing a list of :each item's Name which seems correct assuming SendGrid recognizes that as just a string of text… What is it doing right now that isn’t working?

The only thing that looks odd is if they placed the order is the Cart being cleared before the Search for the user’s Cart is finished? Seems like you should be referencing some Order items from the Result of step 3 (New order creation)?

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He can pay monthly for sendgrid

or for no monthly fee

Which can be designed right from


@doug.burden Dude I almost roasted you for your original reply. DO :wave: NOT :wave: BE :wave: THAT :wave: GUY.

you have much more potential than that

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@tylerboodman I can’t wrap my head around how I can turn this

Into This (I used inspect element to give you a more in-depth example)

All my workflow positions are fine. Basically I would like to turn the top image into the bottom image by somehow making each item in the list displayed like x:cart Quantity :cart Item's Name (:cart Size), something like that so it displays that list in that format.

Thanks in advance.

Is your database setup for Cart items, where each one has a product and a Quantity field? If so:

Instead of each item’s Name, do:each item:formatted as text, then inside the window do xThis item's Quantity This item's Name (Size: This item's Size)

Then the delimiter would be a , (with a space after) so they are separated by that. You could also do a linebreak if you wanted each one on a new line. (probably cleaner with linebreaks?)

Will try now.
I think this will be the solution.

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Managed to get it working, thanks.

I Have another issue however and I cannot detect weather it is sendgrid or bubble.
Basically Its sending 2 pieces of the list if that makes any sense.

In this test i ordered 2x Warning shorts and 3x IBN Tee, but it repeats itself, i’ve had a look on sendgrid and it have not put “{{item}}” twice and the ‘code’ on the bubble side is not put in twice.

It doesn’t look like its repeating because it’s doing like Cart item A, B, B, A not A, B, A, B. I would check if the search is seeing a previous cart + current cart or something… if this is in the backend try looking at the logs and seeing what it’s sending to SendGrid. If it’s a front end action try watching with debug mode in step-by-step

Also looks like the delimiter is missing (unrelated to your issue)

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