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Receive and save a POST from external API

I need to receive and save all data from external POST request like this:
“event”: “message”,
“message_token”: 4912661846655238145,
“sender”: {
“id”: “01234567890A=”,
“name”: “Bob”,
“avatar”: “http://avatar_url”

Problem with object “sender”. I create new type for sender, but get an error from Postman. See screens:

Now trying only to return query (but needs to save it):

I need advice on how to handle objects of type “sender”

am I right that I can’t access “” etc. when I receive POST to my Workflow API Endpoint?

Yes you’re right, we don’t support receiving nested object at this stage. I think some services can help you flattening the request though.

Ok, I am using Zapier now, thanks to @sridharan.s at topic

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