Receive status of callback_url from Whatsapp API in bubble


I need some help with this scenario.

I am sending WhatsApp messages to customers, I can pass a callback_url to WhatsApp API which gives me real-time status of the WhatsApp message like sent, delivered, read and failed.

I need this status to do some follow-up action.
How do I set this up, so I can receive this status in bubble.


Any suggestions for this?

The callback URL should be the URL for one of your API Workflows.

So when the message is read WhatsApp makes a POST request to the URL you provided with new information. Whatsapp most likely provides the message unique ID or something similar, so you will search for that in your database and update the status of it accordingly

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I have given this url for my api workflow as the callback url

But this is not being invoked and the screen stays like below forever.

But if I give a url ‘’ like this as call back url.
I am receiving the response.

Any ideas on how to get bubble’s api workflow url to work?

Is your API Workflow setup to trigger on GET request? By default it is set to POST but it looks WhatsApp sends a GET

Oh yea, just saw that.

Changed it to get and it is working now, Thanks.

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