Recommendation for calendar scheduler that looks at at availability of multiple resources?

Hi Everyone,
New bubbler here… jumped into the deep end about 6 weeks ago. I am building an application that is a marketplace for booking service professionals. I am running into a bit of a wall trying to find a functioning integration that handles scheduling and booking the way I need it to. I was wondering if anyone on here has done something similar, or has a recommendation for how they would handle it? …

When it comes to the scheduling part of the functionality, I basically need the app to be able to look at appointment availability as input by several individual people, and schedule a resource/service to happen with one person based on that availability… for example…

  • Customer wants to schedule a tech to come fix something

  • App knows when they need to fix X it takes 2 hours

  • There are 15 people that have input calendar/schedule availability to fix things in their area

  • Scheduler shows available time slots for the customer to book (combining everyone that is available to fix things in their area with more than 2 hours of availability, and displaying it as appointment availability for them to book)

  • Scheduler then books the appointment and adds it to one of the tech’s calendars that was available at the time they selected.

  • Note that it is looking at all availability in their area for all tech’s, not an individual tech’s availability… but it is booking the appoint with one of the techs that was available for more than 2 hours in their area. So, the availability would include every potential appointment based on the entire group’s availability. And, the scheduling would add an appointment for one of the techs in that group.

  • 2nd note is that I’m not sure that I need it to integrate with anyone’s actual calendar service, as they will be marking their schedule availability within the bubble app itself.

Any advice?

You have to create your own schedule generator that allow the user create your availabilities and time slots.

I’m building to do the same @aaron.farrell1 - any luck finding a plug in or are your building your own scheduling generator in bubble?

I have almost finished working this out. The tricky part is scheduling something for different times. I will try to remember to come back and put what I have come up with when I finish.

I have been working for months and have spent many thousands of dollars trying to get this working without a third party service. So, if anyone has any ideas about this, please please please let us know.

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@dawnduhaney I never found a plugin or template that could handle this. I am considering hiring someone more skilled than me to figure it out. I was hoping someone would lean-in that has built something like it already.

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@ben4 1) If you figure this out, bless you! 2) When you have it done, it may be worth listing it for sale as a template!! I would think that anyone building an app to manage workflow for any service company or service marketplace could benefit from it.

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It seems as though you would generate the available time slots for each technician then it would be a matter of displaying the intersecting time slots to the user as a single time slot.

Definitely something that would be quicker in the browser rather creating database entries though.

Is that similar to how you are setting it up?

+1 If you figure it out it would be a great help to the community.

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