Recommended online user manual

Hello all,

I’m about to create user manual for my app, i think online user manual service shall be the best solution.

Do you have any experience or recommend the best online service I can use which is:

  • able to create text manual (as bubble’s manual) at min, but it’s better if as one complete solution (text manual, documents, pic, video, linked-able, search feature, print, share etc).
  • can be published as private (only for my app’s user)
  • can use my own domain, logo etc
  • easy to create
  • and finally, the most affordable cost!:grinning:

The one i can find is like

Any insight?


Hi @anwarsby

I often see that Gitbook is used. You can take a look. It has got a free plan

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+1 for Gitbook

Not sure about the custom domain ability, but Notion has served me well as a good setup for documenting and creating an online manual.

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If you’re amenable to Google services, Google Docs is an option. However, there’s:

  • No video embedding (although you can simply link to a video).
  • No custom domain.
  • No truly private publishing unless viewers have a Google account (although there is the option to allow access to only those with the link).

On the plus side, there is great collaborative editing functionality.

@eren @luke2 @sudsy

Interesting…thanks a lot! I will take look at those and see…this is the first time I create online documentation


I think it`s better to start with simle softwares cause more comlexones might be a bit confusing for a beginner.


I ended up using gitbook, quite simple and efective…recommended