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I have a restaurant page, below I want to recommend other restaurants. How do I set so that the restaurants recommended below do not include the main one?

Hi there, @bartoszkopec89… if I understand your post correctly, you can add the :minus item operator to the end of the expression in the repeating group’s data source to remove the main restaurant from the list.

Hope this helps.


Brilliant, so simple <3

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Do you know how to set that when you click on this restaurant below, the page reloads but for the top?

Currently the page goes to the restaurant but stays in the same screen view

I’m not sure I understand what you mean, but it sounds like you might want to use either the Refresh the page action or the Scroll to action to scroll to an element at the top of the page.

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Exactly right, I set it up, it works - thank you

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Unfortunately, but once it works once it doesn’t, once the page refreshes and loads the target page and once it stays on the current page.

I don’t know what you are trying to do, but if you are navigating to a new page, you don’t need the action to refresh the current page.

If I click from the recommended restaurants, the page stays in the same place.
The destination restaurant loads, but the page stays on the recommendations view, not from the top

Can you use the Scroll to action to scroll to an element at the top of the page?

It works, thank you

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