Record user entries across the site

Hi all,

I am trying to set up my app so that when ‘User A’ logs in the app will record the users choices across the site against an entry/record.

For example.
User A clicks ‘start triage’, which generates a record.
On the next page I need them to enter a number they have been given but this also needs to be recorded against the new record generated in step 1
On the next page they then they click on a selection, which is recorded against the new record generated in step 1.

Then, as a manager I can go back in and view that on a certain day User A logged in, started a triage for number 1837XXXX and they selected option 5.

Can these ‘user clicks’ be recorded against multiple pages of the app into a single database or does the data need to be collected from a single page only?

Any hep would be gratefully appreciated.

Kind regards


The user choices can certainly be recorded across as many pages as you want. It looks like you want to create a type of thing called a Triage. To change or update the Triage, you’ll just run “Make Changes to a Thing” workflows wherever needed.

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for getting back to my query. I have tried that but it only comes up with the ‘User’ database.

I have created a ‘triage log’ database that I want the log creating against, however the ‘triage log’ database doesn’t appear in the available choices to change?

Any ideas how I make it appear please?

Thanks in advance

Depending on how you have your pages and groups set up, you would have a group/page with a Type set to Triage Log. Alternatively, you can use the “Do a search for” function.

Have you done the Bubble interactive tutorials? I think they cover the “Do a search for” functionality.

Thanks for your help Andrew. I finally got it set up using what you described and also used the Do a Search For function. Many thanks, Matt