Records disappearing


I am facing an issue with the database. The data is disappearing when I search for it in the “App Data”. Find video below to illustrate the issue.

Thanks for your help!

If you can search on that field, then it must be of type text. Have you checked for an unintended trailing zero in that record that is missing from search?

I checked and still nothing is showing. The type of it is “Student”. I’m confused why does it show old records and not newer records.

Have you clicked off that database into another and back to the one you are looking at?

I have used the Modify feature in order to fix one issue I had. What would I do to fix this?

If you mean you can’t see the data when you are looking at it under the App Data tab in Data then that can happen that new records don’t always show. If this is your issue then either refresh the page in the browser or simply click on the name of another data table then back into the name of the data table you are looking at and it refreshes and should show the more recent records if they are in there.

That isn’t the issue. The issue is that when I search for the data, I can’t find them. However when I show the full list, they are there.

Ok. I understand now. I think the problem may be one of two things

  1. The data stored in the Attendance_Reports is probably the unique ID (20 digits if I remember) for the student record not the 25454 that you are typing. That might be what you see whenLooking at it because you appear to have set up a modified view but the 25454 may not be in the data table but in the student data table.

  2. When searching in data tables I find you often have to use full words/numbers not just part of them with bubbles Search.

Could either of those be your problem? If not please paste in a view of the record in the Attendance_Report table and the linked record in the Student table and I’ll take a look and see if I can see anything. Right now inYour single screenshot, there is not enough in your screenshot for me to really understand what I’m looking at.

What I shared was a video but it seems that it got broken. Please check it below

I did wonder about a zero length video. So that latest version showed you typing in 25454 and it works. So can you show what is not working? What is disappearing?

It does not work. The first top record of the attendance before searching is dated on March 26th. However, if I copy the same Student ESIS and paste it in search, it shows past records from March 3rd… etc and not the records from 25th, 26th and onwards

I have tried something else just now. I tried changing the primary field to the unique ID and search wih it. Here’s the result:

That is very odd. Copying and pasting the number and pasting it into search should ensure a perfect match but because it is a view and not the unique ID it is not working. That looks to me like a bug. I’ve never seen anything like that before. I suggest to file a bug report and ask bubble to take a look.

Thank you for your help. I’ll do that

Here is the link.

Sorry I couldn’t find a simple answer but what you’ve found looks downright wrong to me.