Recovering lost data HELP!

I managed to create a workflow that accidentally deleted a lot of my data. I had a search function that if this elements invoice # matched the cell invoice # it was deleted. The current cell had an empty invoice number, so the search returned all of the elements and deleted them. Is there a way to recover data once it is deleted? I tried reverting to an earlier update, but the data was still gone at that time, should I revert to an earlier time?

If you have the ability to restore data, the app is and it was the payment elements that were deleted. It would have happened about 2 pm EST. May 11, 2016

@emmanuel @georgeciobanu

For Backup Data (one snapshot at least) and You can build a macro to save it regularly. Maybe not the best practice…

Is it the live or test version? We can look into it, but can’t guarantee we’ll have everything back.

Please get in touch by email for this.

Hey Emman,

This is Adam, I am working on the same app as what matt just posted. I have created a related post in the bug category about searching for blank entries returning all entries ( Search of a blank entry will return all elements). I will follow up with email about the data recovery in this case. The data was lost from the live version.