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Recreating board or card game into mobile app

I searched but didn’t find any suggestions. I have a Figma prototype for two games that act similarly to board/card games like monopoly. I’m wondering if Bubble has the capability to build something like this. It would be much more simple than Monopoly, but the reference is there to get an idea of the interactions.

Functions I’d need to build:

  • Two player login to one game.
  • upload profile image
  • Send comments/chat to each other
  • Card game with points for the correct answers. Which includes scoring/adding up the points to win the game.
  • Dice roll
  • Next player moves along the board based on number rolled on dice

Any suggestions, examples, or acknowledgement that this can be done would be super helpful. Thank you!

Hi @jess2 , did you create the prototype? I am planning a very similar game, it is for financial education for unprivileged children.

I 've built a board game using Bubble so yes, it can be done.
Used a combination of repeating group and draggables so folks can move around their pieces on the game board.
My purpose was to help my rpg gaming group run gaming sessions online - check it out here:
The principles can be applied to any board game ludo, monopoly etc and I actually constructed a ludo-variant using the same mechanics.

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Nice, @anders.eidergard! Thanks for the example!