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Recruiting a CTO for a revolutionnary Real Estate marketplace

Hello all,

I’m currently looking for my technical partner in France to build a revolutionnary real estate marketplace. Whether we’re talking about a dev partnership or a CTO, I want the person to feel involved and to genuinely take part in the adventure by sharing the capital.

So, if you consider yourself as entrepreneur, resilient, business driven and if you want to be part of a whole new way to help people buy and rent properties, just contact me :slight_smile:

[email protected]


I have met with Raphael a week ago. This is a nice project with a validated B2B business model + customers pre-signed up and waiting for this to go live. I highly recommend getting in touch with him!

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I’ve reached to your email Raphael, curious about the project.
Looking foward to chat more about the opportunity.

Tried to send an email but the mail is bouncing back with error “Invalid Email”

Interested to discuss more, could you please provide a valid email.

Saeed Ghadban
[email protected]