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Recruitment Agency - Jobs Feed - Possible?


Just wondering if this is possible using bubble, will try and keep it succinct:

  1. Company signs up with our agency online.
  2. Company now has access to the ‘Post a Job’ page.
  3. Company posts a job, inputting the dates of the job and checking the relevant skills.
  4. When job is posted, contractors (who are signed up with us) see the job on their jobs feed - only if the job matches their requirements (based on Job postcode, skills requested).

  1. Contractor sees job details and accepts the job.
  2. Company is notified that someone has accepted their job and details of contractor are sent to them.

  1. Job no longer appears on Job Feed. No other contractor can accept the job.

  1. On the morning of the job, the contractor gets a notification through the app to confirm that they will be there by a certain time.
  2. Company receives this notification and is reassured that the contractor is turning up.

Many thanks

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Without going too much into the details, the steps you mentioned are clear and can be achieved.

If step 7 is highlighted as this your main concern, it is possible. When the job seeker clicks “accept the job”, then you could have a workflow to delete / mark Job in different font / visually hide the particular listing whatever suggests it’s accepted. Perhaps you could have a flag in your table to make every job-list-row as active or inactive.

Thank you! For now I’m just trying to send dates from a date input to a shared calendar on a different page - any idea how to do this?