Recurring event usecase

We are currently building a subscription payment function.

I am using an external service API without using Stripe.

What I want to do is batch process the list of subscribed records in the database at the beginning of every month, but I can’t specify the list in the set a recurring event workflow thing.

Bubble’s plan is Personal.

How should I specify it?

You can not …using only the recurring event action…you can create a recursive workflow with the recurring event action to iterate over your list or if your list is not very big you can schedule an api workflow on a list but also in this case you need to create an api backend workflow using the recurring event action…hope it helps…have a great day:)

Thank you for your response.

The steps we have constructed are as follows.

Step 1: Setup credit card payment API (for batch processing) as Endpoint
Step 2: Using Step 1, place a ScheduleAPI action in the leaking event to process the list of payments to be made at the beginning of each month using the API.
Step 3: Schedule the recurring event from Step 2 with a day one month after the current date when the button element placed on the administrator screen is clicked

The problem is that the API processing for the recurring event can be set up successfully for single data, but not for list data. (We think that if we specify the first item, etc. as a single format, we can set it up, but list processing is not possible.)

I am not sure if this is a problem with the Bubble plan or if the settings themselves need to be changed.

send some screenshot or a link to check your wf if you can

STEP1 API setting

STEP2 Schedule API setting(Recurring event)

STEP3 Set a recurring event(Button click event)

I think what you want to do might be achieved in a bit different way

  • Create a datatype for batch processing that has (scheduling date, and running date)
  • Create a database trigger in the backend when a new batch processing item is created (when before change was empty, and now is not empty) – in this database trigger you schedule your custom batch workflow
  • In the custom batch workflow, you can then update the batch item in the database with the actual run date (maybe you can save as well the number of items and other meta-data), and create a new batch scheduling after a month [[which will trigger the schedule api]]

Please let me know if this works for you?

You need to create a recursive workflow where you will process your list and then recall it on the recurring event …read this one is super helpful How To Set Up Recursive Workflows In Bubble - Amlie Solutions

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