Recurring Game with selected weekdays

Hi all,

I am stuck in a functionality where user is creating a game and he can create recurring game for it. For recurring game the user will select the end date (till when the user want the game to be created) and days of weeks.

Here you can see the form.

How can I achieve this functionality, really need help.

Thanks in advance.

There are several ways to do that depending on the detailed requirements and how your data is structured.
All of these possibilities rely on backend workflows.

As said it all depends on how your data is structured and some choices you should made like at what time of the day should the logic trigger?

One of the solution could be to have a recurring workflow running at the creation of the game and triggering itself for the next occuring day, until the end date.

Thanks for your reply,

Let me explain you with a example:

Suppose we create a game with start date : 3/26/24 3:00pm end date: 3/26/24 4:00pm. And we want this game to reoccur on Sunday, Tuesday and Friday till 5/19/24 5:15pm. So what we want is that the game will be created for each Sunday, Tuesday and Friday till 5/19/24 5:15pm and the game start and end date will also we updated with this iteration.