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Recurring workflow on a list

I want to trigger a monthly recurring event (send invoices to customers) I’ve set up a workflow with a recurring event, but as I need to pick one (thing) invoice from the list, that only sends out eg. the first item.

I’ve set the backend workflow up, so that it will trigger a recurring event that will trigger the same workflow gain as I hoped that would send the next invoice out, but that doesn’t really work :frowning:

Any ideas of how to solve this? so every invoice that meets conditions will send out eg. on the first of every month?


Maybe constrain the search for the invoice in some way. Using some date fields could be a good way to constrain it so the trigger has to check for the most recently created invoice.

Another approach could be to setup a data field that is a yes/no field to signal if the invoice was sent or not…default value is no, and in the workflow to send the invoice, setup action to change the field to yes…then you can use this field to constrain the search for the trigger to know which to send.

Hi Boston,

There is a contrain that will select all the inovices that pass that, but im not allow to select them all as it only looks for one thing. I need to them every invoice out that meet than contrain.