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Recursive Backend Triggers?

Let’s say I setup a backend trigger when a data type is created. When triggered, I create a few more of that data type.

Will it continue to trigger itself? Or is there a way to protect against that?

You can add conditionnal
On a “Trigger” WF, you have two data: Item Before and Item Now.
Use them for filtering (example: This item Before’s status was upcoming and This item Now status is “Processing”. So the example will only process this item if there’s was a change on the status and just if the status switch from upcoming to processing).

awesome, thank you

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Another question:
I have a scheduled API workflow that creates 36 data types.
I have a database trigger on that data type.

I want the scheduled API to do it’s thing, and I want the database trigger to act after that API is done and when that data type changes anywhere.

Will the backend trigger occur during the scheduled API?

Trigger will run everytime a DB change, no matter from where (including manual entry in backend)