Recursive Workflow Help

I receive webhook data from Stripe when a subscription is created that gives me several subscription items and associated quantities.

For example:

item: 1
id: si_fg4545454
qty: 5;

item: 2
id: si_77hfii334
qty: 7

I don;t know before the workflow starts how many subscription items will be received. I need to create a database entry for each item x the quantity, so:

I would loop through 1, creating 5 database entries
then loop through the second, creating 7 database entries
etc until all items have been looped through.

I’m struggling to get the recursive workflow to finish iterating creating the first 5 set of entries then moving onto the second set of 7.

Any help would be much appreciated. I think I’m missing something simple but have been driving myself crazy for two days with lots of different exit condition permutations.