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Check site:

I need someone to redesign the landing page, please send your ideas with price/project completed.



I can surely help you with most nominal rates. Please send me a mail at:


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One kind suggestion on your process flow and user experience.

Currently you:

  1. Ask what languages to translate; A to B then ENTER
  2. You wait for a new page to load
  3. Then in that new page you ask INDUSTRY then Enter to Sign up and Request
  4. and you pop-up the sign up box


  1. Ask what languages to translate; A to B then ENTER
  2. Now in the same page show the INDUSTRY question while still showing the A to B
  3. Once the user selects from the drop down automatically show a box saying something like “In order to process your request and find you a good fit translator, you will need to sign up or login
  4. Pop-up the sign up box

On 3 and 4 you can play with it so that they can pick a different item from the drop down if they made the wrong pick.



Also the logo doesn’t lead visitors back home. So, users may get lost when navigating the website.

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Let me fix that ASAP, :open_mouth:

Also I sent you a private message! :slight_smile:

Thanks Rick,

That sounds doable and likely to get more people to actually sign up.
Let me see if I can do that :slight_smile:

There are some other things that the new page asks for: deadline, project description, project name, file to be uploaded, etc. Maybe I should leave everything else as it is?


Yes, I think so. Once you get the potential customer to signed up. You have overcomed the main source of friction. Too much of it, you lose the potential customer.

Once they are signed you know:

  1. They are at least interested in the service you offer.
  2. And that you need to lock the deal by offering value.

So it would seem very reasonable that you ask for additional information. I would just make sure that the user is alway informed why you are collecting more information. And also let the user know when the end of tunnel is at any time. Otherwise it may appear like there is no end and lose interest.

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