Redirect all users to One Same page

hello Everyone,

I want to redirect all the users to a common page once the admin clicks a button and every user online on the app is redirected to a certain page, is that possible?

I have 2 types of users Admin and Normal, so when admin clicks start button all users should go to a certain page… please help

Hmmmmmm this is an interesting one.

I’m going to explain this as if it’s on the user level.

Since the database updates on page info in real time on page I’d have an admin page that has a button that once clicked makes changes to a list of users with user type is not admin.

Let’s call this field redirect (Boolean) default no.

On click changes everyone to yes.

In the workflow have an action that runs when a condition is true (every time) current user redirect is yes go to page

If you need it to go throw a flow of pages rather than just once you can exchange the redirect field to a option set navigation setup rather than Boolean.

Few things to keep in mind, making changes in a list takes a few seconds and internet speed of users varies so if you need it to be instant to reduce timing rather than doing a page switch do a single page app using custom states to display “pages” (groups) and rather than doing on user level on a list do it in a second tier such as “users page” that connects to user so you only need to change 1 variable rather than a list of variables so everyone will see the change instantly.

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Thank you so much very helpful, will try this and get back to you…

Hey Chris,

Thank you so much, it worked… looking to fine tune it as per the app… but the logic worked…

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