Redirect to previous page after SSO


This might look like a basic question,

I have a services page for which needs users to be signed up to register, I am using google sso for sign-up process.
When a user clicks book button on services page and they are not signed up, I’ll show a popup asking them to signup. They do it and they come back to the same page they were before.

What I expect is for the bubble to store information that a particular button is clicked and then use that information to redirect them. This is just so that I do not want the users to click Book button again

I tried storing the value in states but after the sso redirect, the page is refreshed and I do not have the information anymore.

I have seen this is in few websites but could not figure out a way to do this.
Is there any way to achieve this.


Most SSOs allow you to send a state parameter that is then returned to you. You can then use that to reset where the user was.


I am using google SSO. Can you please help me where to enable this state parameter and how do I set it in bubble before authentication takes place.

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