Redirect user after endpoint

Hi everyone, I’ve figured out how to submit a ‘POST’ form to sign a user up to my app, but when the form is submitted on the landing page (external site) it currently loads the endpoint result:

“status”: “success”,
“response”: {
“user_id”: “1520095350947x105537635972723360”,
“token”: “1520095351058x107756787212565540”,
“expires”: 86400

Instead of this is there a way to get the user directed to the app, ideally logged in as a user? Or is that something I’d need to add to the POST form? This is what I have at the mo:

<form method="POST" action="">
  <h2>Please sign up</h2>
  <input type="text" required name="email" placeholder="Email address">
  <input type="password" required name="password" placeholder="Password">
  <input type="password" required name="confirmation" placeholder="Password Confirmation">
  <input type="text" required name="company" placeholder="Comapny Name">
  <button type="submit">Sign up</button>

I feel like I’m so so so close! Any help greatly appreciated!!!

You can change the endpoint from json response to redirect.

I wish you could have a dynamic redirect though. It’s redirecting to the page and the form is submitting successfully but it’s not passing any Params in the url so I can only redirect to a basic “thank you page”.