Redirect without showing the page for a secound? (User panel)


I am currently seeking assistance in understanding how Bubble can effectively redirect a user who has not signed in before the user panel momentarily appears.

Presently, upon visiting, the dashboard briefly loads before redirecting me to the index page. This approach does not instill confidence in terms of security or aesthetic appeal. I am interested in discovering a solution that prevents the dashboard from loading at all, thus eliminating the need for any brief display period.

I have looked at the service incomee who has this function and is built on bubble

Thank you for your assistance in resolving this matter.


You can put conditionals onto the elements to make them not visible on page load and set conditions for when to show

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I looked into this in the past, but didn’t find a solution. Subbing thread as I am particularly interested in this. My current project is a paid data services, almost all the site is behind a paywall. It looks really awkward to load the dashboard and other pages before the redirect kicks in. I have gotten negative CX feedback on this as well.

A solution here could also save server resources, as there is no reason to render the page when that page isn’t even allowed to be seen… :thinking:

A related issue I am facing is I have 3 conditions relating to access control on each page. I have not found a good way to solve this aside from copying the same workflows into each of the dashboard pages. Maybe I can use a backend workflow but when I tried to set that up, I found I can’t redirect users to a specific page because that action doesn’t seem to be available there.

Either way, it would be nice to group access control into one function.

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I agree, i know it’s not impossible since i have seen users do it…

That seems like a lot of resource power and a lot of manual work? There must be a easier way

@mc3digital @Orbit
Just put everything in a group on your page, make the group not visible on page load, and have a condition it to become visible if the user has permission to see the page.

Then still keep your redirect workflow so if they don’t have access they just see a blank page while they are being redirected


Still not what im looking for - yes thats one way but there should be a easier way

This is the best solution. Place your whole page inside a single group and just show it if the user have met the conditions to see the content.

Yes, I agree that Bubble should build something like “Before Page Load” event. It would be easier :sweat_smile: But this is not the case.

You can see this issue in Incomee App as well.
See how I could see the Dashboard (for 1 or 2 seconds) even when I shouldn’t.

I agree there should be an easier way but currently Bubble doesn’t have a way for us to check for permission before the page is loaded.

  • Page is loaded event + redirect them handles getting the user off the page
  • Privacy rules should be in place so unauthorized users don’t see any sensitive data
  • Put everything in a group and keep hidden on page load to prevent showing the user interface for that brief time during the redirect
  • Put a “When condition is true (Everytime)” event checking if they are logged out, and redirect them so if their session expires after page load they also get redirected away.

But please take a look at this link if you’re not signed in you wont be able to see anything?

And in the video you’re singed in…? i don’t see what you win by “faking” the video by being logged in and just clicking the back button on your browser…? to prove a point that is not even correct? Strange

In his video he is signed out, so it’s showing the dashboard page for a second until it redirects (all the elements are visible on page load in this example)

Then why does he have the “sign out” button on the top right? And when he goes to the dashboard he is signed in?

Use the link i sent,, it wont show even for a split second, i don’t understand why he would fake the video to prove something wrong lmao… strange…

What are you looking for? Seems most of the experienced users who offer free help on the forum are saying the same thing. What is the proposed solution you have for making the process easier? It would be a good idea to put onto the idea board so that Bubble may implement it.

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With pure Bubble you cant do something like this.

If you know how to use Cloudflare, you can redirect the users BEFORE they load the page based on cookies. I supose that this is what they are doing.

Still strange you faked the video lol? You could have just said that without trying to prove your point by faking a redirect…

If you check this, you will get redirected without it showing anything, this app i built on Bubble.

Its not fake (or it could be, but doesn’t matter because ive seen this behavior all the time)

If you have a really slow connection, then the redirect to the new page can take a while causing the long delay

Yes it’s instant for us but not necessarily all the time. You can even see the title of the tab change very quickly

Are you seriously? I am here trying to help bro… I don’t have time to make fake videos to prove anything… come on…

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Bro you are straight up signed in to the first page and the dashboard, what are you on about? Check your own video haha… It should not redirekt you if you’re signed in to the website like you are… funny :rofl:

Did I say that I was not logged in?

@tylerboodman said. Not me.

I was starting to reply you showing how to set up cloudflare to make this validation and how to save cookies for logged in user… never mind.