Redirect without showing the page for a secound? (User panel)

He’s singed in everywhere lmao … :rofl:

Thanks but i think i’ll figure it out since you might fake that as well (:rofl:) just playing with you chill. But it was strange that you faked being redirected.

Yeah, Now that I said how. :joy:

I still don’t understand the reason why you think this is fake

  1. Not showing your browser
  2. You’re signed in, so you should not even be redirected back in the first place lmao…

For secure reasons.

I am signed in. I never said the opposite. I was just trying to show you the behavior of the screen, that “blinks” for me before the redirection.

The reason why I am being redirected is because my free period expired and the site keeps forcing me to select a paid plan.

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My bad, I assume :flushed:

I do see that exact behavior even when signed out

Edit: okay signed out is the wrong terminology here, “Is the user supposed to be redirected away” yes is this case here cause their trial expired

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Exactly haha, but no worries

Here is my fake video :wave:

Use a ‘page is loaded’ event and put the condition on the ‘page is loaded’ event not on the action inside it.

LIke so:


Wow OP, you sure are a douche for someone asking for help.

There is no other Bubble native way then to use visibility conditionals to achieve what you want.

You’re getting help by some of the few experienced Bubblers still actively providing assistance in the forums and you’re being a c**t.

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And @ihsanzainal84’s reply gets flagged in 3, 2, 1…

I knew I should have nuked this thread hours ago. :wink:


Sorry @mikeloc I have mad love and respect for the active members here and it annoys me to see them getting shot down unnecessarily :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Well, my bad. It’s not like that for me? That was why i didnt understand. I’m sorry! :raised_hands:

Hey, hmm the page still flashes for a split second?

Screenshot 2023-07-11 at 07.58.52

Can you try it so the group container around everything on the page is NOT visible on page load? Use the user login permissions to trigger the visibility. In that way, the default page-load will be a blank page.

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I found the solution thanks to Jason at the Bubble support.

[!] One thing more to know: When you view your bubble app in debug mode the page will show in a split secound even if you have this setup. So check your app without the /debug mode!

You have to only have “when page is loaded > Go to page” and no more workflows when the page is loaded. like the following:
(remeber to add the only when on Page load and not the go to page)
Screenshot 2023-07-11 at 07.58.52

I hope this helped all of you guys :slight_smile: :raised_hands:


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