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Redirecting to New Reset Password Page

Hi, I am trying to redirect the users to a new reset password page (i have created) whenever they click on the forgot password link. I am not finding a way on how to do that. Currently the URL redirects to the default reset_pw page.

Have you created a new reset password page? You will have to do workflow that navigates them to that page.

Hi Raymond,

Thank you for response. Yes I have created a new page but I am not able to find out where should i change the navigation so that the URL which is sent in email loads my page instead of the standard reset_pw page.

Okay, now I understand. Sorry, I don’t know. Never looked for it before.
Why create a new page? Why don’t you make the changes to the existing page?

Anyone find a solution for this? Thanks!

I haven’t tested in personally but something you could try:

Reset_pw page workflows:
On page load > Go to [newreset] send data: Get data from URL

Basically when the default page loads it redirects to the new page and it sends the correct data.

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