Redisplaying selected items from a repeating group in a textarea

I have searched and tried a bunch of different things but am hitting the wall and need some help.

I have a multi step form that I am building by hiding and displaying elements based on what step the user is at. In an early step, a user selects a service from a drop down. On the following page, I show them two lists of deliverables associated with that service using a repeating group with checkboxes. The first set of deliverables is prechecked (“typical deliverables”) and the second set is unchecked by default (“less common deliverables”). On the final step, I want to display the deliverables that were checked (or left checked) by the user. Likely display format will be a comma separated list or a bullet list.

The generic version of the question is: “How do I redisplay items in a repeating group that have been checked?”. After I get that working, I will need to merge the checked items from two repeating groups and display those.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Firstly, not an answer to your question, but a thought on user experience. I would not use multiple pages, instead I would use multiple groups when doing multistep form filling. You can name those groups using numbers to keep track of the step they are on…you can also use those numbers in your url so you could provide a “back navigation” without actually navigating to a new page.

Secondly, again not answering your question, but more thoughts on user experience. I personally wouldn’t put these things in separate groups which they are hidden/shown based on their choices…think about if the user wants to go back to change their original choice. It is not easy to have to navigate. It is much easier to just scroll up or use the cursor to go to the element.

To your question, you would use custom states if you don’t want to just use the multi-dropdown element, which allows users to select multiple items from one dropdown and stores them as a list of things. If you use the multi-dropdown you would just need to have your repeating group use the multi-dropdown’s value as your datasource.

If you don’t want the multi-dropdown and want to design your own, the custom states is where you will store the selected values. Then your repeating groups will use the custom states as the datasource. One caveat about the custom states is that it is temporary and server side, so if you navigate off page the custom state data is lost. Another reason to keep all drop downs on the same page.

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