Reduce a repetitive group with RG of Other Type


Help wanted :wink:

I have a page “Search - Recherche” on which I have an RG (RGA) displaying data according to the inputs on “Search”.
At this “Search”, I can add different cities that appears in a RG (RGV).

I would like to reduce RGA according to the data displayed in RGV …

I would like RGA to display only the lines with Brest and Lyon

RGV data is from a City Type related to Search by CurrentPageID_research which is 1.

It’s been two days I’m on it … It should not be complicated … but hey … I have not found.

Thank you for your advice.


Change your layout style to exclude vertical strolling.


I tried on each separately and then on each simultaneously, but nothing concrete. Do not you think that it is possible that it is rather in the way of conceiving the “do search” on “Biens”?

Maybe you have a screen capture of a similar exemple ?

Hi @abaudin,

since you are trying to restrict the displayed data in RGA to only the cities the user has selected in RGV i would suggest to add a “:filtered” after your search:

Let me know if you got this to work or need further help!


On the advice of @Lucien ; I finally did:

adr_Ville is in RepeatingGroup Ville’s List of Villes’s Nom

And that did what I wanted.

However, I will probably use checkboxes to filter or not the results.
Best @TipLister