Ref two differente Data Types

I have searched for information, read many forums, and have not found the solution, and I hope someone here can help me.

I have two Data Types, the Guardians table and the Students table. I need to be able to create a record in the Students table (T2) from the Guardians table (T1) and have the relationship between guardian and student recorded in both tables. This way, I can display relevant student information in the guardian’s table. This must be dynamic, meaning that when a student is created (from the guardian’s page), more than one record (more than one student) can be created.

Thanks in advance!!

Generally, there are two main approaches:

  1. Have a list field Students (type = Students) within Guardians data type. List have a hard limit of 10,000 entries (don’t think any of your guardians will reach such an amount of students) + general narrative (from the forum and twitter, not sure if anybody made some detailed testing of this) that they are good for storing ~ 100 records.
  2. Have a field Guardian (type = Guardian) within Students data type (for example, if a student can have only 1 guardian)

Hi, thanks!
The solution 1 is that i have try to implement.
The DT Alumno has an entry called Nombre Apoderado withe the data from Apoderado DT, but doesn work (or I can’t make it =( )

So you are following approach #1 - you need 2 steps:

  1. create a student
  2. add created student (result of step 1) to the Guardian. So you need to reference right Guardian.

You’ve mentioned:

when a student is created (from the guardian’s page)

So if your pages type is “Guardian” - you should be able to reference Current page Guardian.

Hi, could you help me with the approach 2?
The number one didn’t work well

  1. create a “Guardian” (type = Guardian) field within Student data type
  2. in your Workflow: use action create a new Student and assign “Guardian” (field) = GuardianVlaue. In GuardianVlaue you are referencing some source like Current page's Guardian or custom state / group that stores Guardian that should be added.


It works fine!!