Refer to thing's parent in RepeatingGroup cell

Hello, Everyone! First post here. Trying to figure things out by myself, but this one’s been tough.

Here’s the issue: I’m creating a database to keep track of production inputs (i.e.: personnel, materials, tools, etc) required to accomplish a specific task.

I have a (rather rookie) C#-oriented mindset, so I might well be getting it wrong, but here is my hierarchy as I planned it:

  • A given SERVICE contains a NAME, a CONSTRUCTION SITE, a LIST OF TASKS and a LIST OF INPUTS (tools, in this case, which could be applied to more than one TASK)
  • A TASK contains a LIST OF INPUTS (personnel and materials inherent to that specific task)
  • An INPUT contains its own things, like DATE, AMOUNT, PRICE, etc.

I have created a Repeating Group which I refer to as INPUTS TABLE, since that is where I want to display the data pertaining to each INPUT, regardless of the SERVICE and the TASK it belongs to. So far, so good. All I did was define the Type of content as INPUT and the Data source as a SEARCH FOR INPUTS.
The problem shows when I want to display the SERVICE and the TASK to which that INPUT belongs in the same Cell of the Repeating Group.

I have tried placing a Text element with Dynamic Data set to SEARCH FOR SERVICE’S NAME, but I get no option to set its Constraint as the Current Cell’s INPUT or something of the sorts.
The expected result, as I stated earlier, is to get on the same Repeating Group’s Cell the SERVICE and the TASK which contains that particular INPUT.

Any clues on how I can achieve that, please?

Thanks in advance!

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Okay, I got it figured, but everyone is welcome to present a better solution!

Here is what I did, in case it helps:

As for the children data from INPUT, it is as simple as setting up any regular Repeating Group: set the Type of Content to INPUT, set the Data Source to SEARCH FOR INPUTS and then populate the cell with Text elements, each with its own Dynamic Data.

For the parent SERVICE and TASK parts, I put also a Text element with the following Dynamic Data:

1- Search for Services:filtered … ;
2- In the “List filter” prompt, I set it to “Advanced” (last option), which gave me the options I wanted, and in the end it looked like this: “Advanced: This Service’s List of Tasks’s List of Inputs contains Current cell’s Input” ;
3 - Finally, back in the Text element’s properties, the whole thing looked like this: “Search for Services:filtered’s Name”

And that is it! This was the way I got a parent thing to show on a Repeating Group that expects a child’s data. Here is how it looks like in design mode: (it’s in brazilian portuguese, but I am sure you can tell apart each element)

Note that this was done without changing a thing to the hierarchy stated in the original post, in case somebody wondered.

Hope that helps you guys in the future. Cheers!

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