Reference data from API results

Hello, I’m not sure the title reflects my problem well but…

I’m currently using an API call to chatgpt to provide insights on my bubble data (tasks). From here I have a workflow to display the API’s results to a text group which is all working as expected.

ie: API has access to all details of task X, then provides insights based on details. The result is then displayed like this:

Task X: [misc. insights here]

What I’d like to do now, and not quite sure how to go about it, is to be able to reference the data that the API’s insights are for. More specifically, show the picture of the assignee of that task.

Any ideas how I can achieve this?

Like a picture of the assigned user to the task or?

yes that’s right

Yeah, make prompt for ChatGPT to return the unique id of the user, which you feed it when running the api call to start, and indicate in prompt format for easy extraction. Then when extracting from API result use the unique id as search constraint to find user.


Thanks @boston85719 !