Reference in data type not working

I have a data type that references another data type, but for some reason when I’m setting a custom state, I can’t navigate the tree to reference a thing connected to the data type.

So a purchased seat has a course that I should be able to reference and in conditionals in the workflow I can reference it, but not the value.

What am I missing here?

What do you mean you can’t reference it?..

In the attached screenshot it seems you’re referencing it just fine?..

I cannot access the revision course in the value. I can only access it in the conditional at the bottom as shown in the screenshot.

That doesn’t sound right…

What do you mean you can’t access it? What options are you given in the expression dropdown when you click on ‘more’?

As you can see in the Only when, I can traverse to the Purchased Seats Courses Revision Course. I cannot access the same in the value. In the value it provides more than then goes to a list result. It should not be returning a list for that value as its not a search query, but referencing the already loaded course.


the custom state course_assigned is a list?

So I think what you are trying to do is add Current cell's Purchased Seat's Course Revision Course to that list?

Which is a Course so that is fine.

I think Bubble is getting confused here.

Exactly this @NigelG, does that mean I have to contact support? Last time I did that it took almost a week to get a resolution.

I’m not sure why the value will not let me select the courses revision course.

You could try another way to make the addition to the list. So make group with the Revision course and use that.

Thanks for the continued help @NigelG. I’m not sure what you mean by creating a group?

I’ll take a step back. What I’m trying to do is auto enroll a user into a number of courses in a list including any revision course linked to the parent course. Coming from a coding background this would be easy, but I’ve struggled for far too long trying to get this to work with bubble.

The lack of loops is extremely frustrating at times.

Hi there, @madvaultllc… hope I’m not muddying the waters here, but I’ll take a stab. It sounds like you might need to use the merged with operator to merge a list of courses (possibly company's course_assigned) with a search for revision courses where a revision course’s parent course is in the first list. I could be way off there, but does that sound like what you are trying to do? If not, just pretend I was never here. :wink:

Hi @mikeloc

I tried merged with operator but again, I’m unable to access the course’s revision course in the values.

Just after I posted my reply to Nigel, I figured out a work around, not ideal but it works so I’m not complaining.

In my workflow (which is for a checkbox) to plus/minus an item. I created another custom state that may have the revision course in it, then add that custom state to the original list. This works but feels hacky to me.

Thanks to @NigelG, @adamhholmes and to you for taking the time to help this code monkey figure out the world of no code.




Isn’t just :slight_smile:

Glad you sorted it. I will mark this as something to have a look at one day, as I am fairly sure this should work in the way we think it should work!